Villas in Turkey

October 14, 2019 Terez Szalontai
Our client is a real estate owner in Istanbul, Turkey. In his portfolio there are 184 villas, mainly in Turkey. You can see these villas here: Click here

Some of them:



Contact: Click here

DU Internet in Dubai

October 14, 2019 Terez Szalontai
Our client is a sales executive of DU Internet Wifi service in Dubai.
We are looking for home owners who need high speed internet in Dubai. In Dubai there are 2 internet providers: Etisalat and DU.
DU provides internet in some areas, and also other services where Etisalat is the service provider.

Our offer is:

Description of the project:

Location: Dubai
Service: internet- wifi connection in Dubai

Main areas:

Dubai Marina
Jbr (Jumeira beach)
JLT (Jumeria lake)
Business bay

Contact person: local sales representative of Du Dubai Internet Provider
Du home internet and wifi

Other details:
Activation will be done in 5-10 minutes
After that within 3-4 working days
Technicians from DU company will come to install it.

If you want to have great internet in your home in Dubai, contact here: Click here


October 08, 2019 Terez Szalontai
Who are the investors? How can you contact them?

In our business we keep contact with investors. They are from different countries and have huge capital and other estates (hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, construction companies, producing factories, etc.) They are business owners, traders, leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs.

They trade with their money, not with their work. Their investment is their money.
The most important for them is the profit, their privacy and time efficiency. If you can respect all these, we are a good fit to work together.

It means: Our investors keep their privacy behind close doors. They don't show up, don't show their real name, real photos etc. to the public. (not all of them) And we have to respect it. The only way to contact them is via a mediator (me). There is no other way, because you can't find them for this reason.

Why does an investor trust me? 
An investor trusts me because I am independent, I represent his best interest, I have very high level of moral and values, I am 100% transparent and authentic, it is very easy and fast to check me, I have 20 years experience working with this type of clients, I can communicate with them, understand them, and respect them. That's why they trust me, but not you. Even if you have the best offer in the world, they wouldn't talk to you because these are more important for them and they don't risk. (high moral, values, privacy, efficiency, trust...)

How can you contact these investors or get information about them?
Take all these into consideration, and don't expect me to give you a lot of information. I don't break my rules, my principles, and the business secrets, their privacy. I will give all necesarry information to do the business, but nothing more. If you are ok with that, we can work. If not, we can't.

You can contact me, not them. I represent them.

If you can accept all these I am happy to work with you, help you in your project, promote it, show it to investors, influencers, and use my strategy to make you profit.


Terez Szalontai
Hungary, Europe

8 October 2019

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